Monday, August 17, 2009

I Missed to Blogging back..=)

Well, it's such a long time I didn't write up anything on my blog..
So missed to write and share sumthing with u guys..
All of a sudden, i heard that some of my fren obsessed giler with her blog..=B
At first, i just ignore and try to tak amek pot..but,suddenly my hand was like gatal to view my fren blogs and rase cam best plak..haha..
U know whut, i didn't like to write up and update my blog..
My blog was created because of my assignment task last semester..
On that subject i got A..
Alhamdulillah..thank you so much to my lecturer, Miss Rabiatul Adawiyah..
To Miss Rabia, I always pray for you that u could recover back from accident injured..
Now, i'm in new semester.,part 5.
Semester baru ni banyak sangat cabaran.
Assignment jgn ckp la..sume stock budjet nak gempaq..
One of the assignment that i felt so trouble is programming..pergh..glr mencabar.
I don't like programming but i try my best to put myself in that subject.
Final project dah dpt,concept programming still tak dpt nk kuasai..adus..i always pray to Allah that give me strength and don't ever give up..hurm,every sem pn rase cam ni..rase tak blh bwk, rase cm tak yakin, rase loser..owh..but all of that is only my feeling and anxious..if we put the thing behind and always feel confident that is no problem..
confidence tu sgt penting tp jgn smpi over confidence..frust menonggeng plak nanti..kuikuikui~
Somehow, we need to face every single thing and must be good to control and handle whut are we do. I just wonder that every single thing must have pro and con. So, don't afraid to face the problem cz from that we learn..That was a learning process.
No one success without facing the problem and the unsuccessful person is the person who don't want to solve the problem they have and just lepas tgn..This is so bad and unresponsible person.

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