Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hang out at pekan Segamat..^_~

xoxo gossip gurl..me, ika, syitah, zila and qiss =)

ew..whutcha we trying to do actly?? 0_O

For today i wanna share about my day outing with my classmate..da lame tak hang out ngan dorg ni.
Mule tu cam mls gak nak follow pastu pk nak carik barang je then ikut je la..
We went to pekan segamat around 2.p.m. from our campus.
Before went there I, Ika, Qiss, Zila, Aqi and Yat have a very serious meeting..i supposed=p
These meeting is actly about our programming final project.
This is our second meeting..previously we did the meeting at the end of July. I don't remembered the actual date..but it is before mid term break..
For the second meeting, we discuss about whut should we do on our second presentation which is on next week..
We just do the outline and came out with our own idea which is we are lead by Aqi as our group leader. We are palnning very well and on a deep inside we really hope whut are we planning will become a true and reality..hehe..gempaq kowt idea ktorg..haha

Hurm, after the meeting I, Ika, Qiss, Zila and Syitah going to pekan..
At first, we went to bus station to bought a ticket for a fasting season..
It supposedly on this coming saturday.Nak pose ngan family la kononnye.. =p
But, i'm not coming back to my home cz i wanna going back during merdeka festive..
Lame sket cuti, dari kamis sampai slase..hehe..baru best..
Lg pon da plan with rina, lya and rafie nak buke same..

It's ok,lps tu ktorg g mkn2 kat KFC..whua, ari ni baru ku tau rupe nye Qiss pye fav adalah KFC..teruja glr dy nak mkn KFC..haha..sabo ye Qiss..hehe
Afterwards we went to avon to buying a few cosmetic stuff. i just wanna buy eyeliner cz mine was run out..huhu..pucat je muke tak ber eyeliner..kehkeh..
belek2 la katalog tu, ade la a few thing yg berkenan tp cam usha2 je dlu..takot budget lari..ekeke..
Then, ble dorg da stat pilih2, i was like terjebak and terus beli mcm2..haha..

There is some pix that i bought a few thing at avon..ngee~
One thing yg ktorg bengang glr kat avon tu staff dorg not frenly and they was like so arrogant to us..So annoying and we feel like unsatisfied with the way they serve us.belagak glr..
Sumpah menyampah tgk muke dorg..Ish, pe la..da la mlayu same mlayu pon nak wat muke act..
Kuar je dari pintu avon trus kene bahan la minah2 avon yg budjet cun..pergh..berbulu je tgk..

We are Malaysian..they are not supposedly behave like that especially with the same community.Tah la, lantak la dorg tu..kat Segamat pn nak eksen..poyo je.huhu..

We went back to campus around 5.30 camtu..Neway, dats it for today.
Now is almost 12a.m...I just received a msg from Rina, she told me that no classes for tomorrow..yuhoo..
See ya in the next post..da~

A few cosmetic stuff that i bought from avon..hehe..

- eye liner - clear mascara - lipgloss -

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