Tuesday, February 17, 2009

XPDC to gunung datuk

date:14th februry 2009
vanue: gunung datuk

last day, i went to gunung datuk for tracking with other members which is organize by my frens,amnas.
most of the trackers are from ipt at kl.
only i,zera, ika and mat from uitm segamat.

we went there by a rental car which is so much late when we get there.
it is about 2.00p.m..
thank god, D and Ali waiting for us to travel with them.
yang len sume dah smpai puncak..
we start our tracking at 2.30p.m..

time travel tu ika's condition is not very well.
so,byk la berhenti cz penat.
letih sgt time daki tu..rase cm nak surender pon ade.
alhamdulillah,sampai jgk ke puncak after 3 hours.

kami disambut oleh Amnas.
smpai je, i and zera with guiding by amnas, terus nek puncak paling atas.
subahanallah,1st of all i can't even belief that i will get there.
the view from the top are so beutiful.

lps abes kan mase menikmati udara yg nyaman kat atas, kami pon turun kat kemah.
knl2 la ngan sume yg ade kat c2..
most of them are 1st timer daki gunung including me..nghee~

mlm tu ade games. after playing that games, we got some chit chat with akmam,ali and azwa..
we talk so many thing.just for leisure.
mlm tu tdo kat kemah,pergh..ssh nak lelap.
sakit2 bdn cz tak bwk sliping back.huhu

tomorrow morning, at 9.15a.m. sume turun gunung.
time turun, byk kali gak la jatuh cz curam.tambah lak kasut tu tapak nye dah takde bunge.hehe.
after 1 hour 1/2,smpai la kat kaki gunung.

thats a few thing dat i went to story during my tracking to gunung datuk..
so fantastic even lps tu pancit glr tp best sgt.
this is one of the wonderful expirienced that i can't forget.

tukang karut: azwa and AK
bahan isu: ika and mat
tukang gelak: zera and nadia
tukang menyebok: ali
wartawan terjah: mus
last minute join group: ejal

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