Friday, January 23, 2009

Start Blogging..

Assalamualaikum to people who are viewing my blog.i did my blog coz of my lecturer cik Rabiatul Adawiyah need her student do an individual blog.she is my lecturer of PC Maintenance.this is one of the assignment for this first,i didn't know what should i do with my blog.i view some blog to get some learning by myself to explore to design my blog and ask some people about blog.i learn a bit-by-bit to create the best dat can i, i should thank to cik Rabia coz of her i have my own blog.

So, i try my best to give and share some information and knowledge to u guys.i'll make sure every viewer will satisfied with my blog and enjoy with information dat i provide at my others who visit my blog,don't hesitate to give some comments and share some ideas with me at my blog.happy blogging to all my friends..nghee~

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