Saturday, January 24, 2009

SaMan ku di AlaManda..

Yesterday is the day i came back to KL because of mid term break and also a chinese new year eve. i went to KL by bus which is i already booked the ticket a few weeks biase la, tiket must buy awal coz takut tak dapat balik sebab tiket sold out.normal la kat segamat ni.

My bus is supposedly at 9.00am.but what suck bus delay plak smpai ke pkl 10am.
dah la time tu stomach ache cz breakfast mkn nasi lemak n teh tarik but after half an hour waiting the bus,dah tak sakit lagi..alhamdulillah.

Sampai pudu around 1.30.p.m. actually dah janji with fana,my ex-schoolmate nak jumpe. she fetch me at serdang KTM station by her dad's car.

We decided to go Alamanda mall at Putrajaya.otw to putrajaya we having some chit-chat, biase la perempuan kalau dah lame tak jumpe.we talk about so many thing.but not serious talk coz fana is actually not focusing on what im trying to talk.she afraid that masuk salah jalan and sesat.

Finally we get there and park a car at tepi jalan coz before this when i go there with my bro he always parking there.i tot dat is a secure places because time tu hari, we having lunch together at pizza hut and continue our chat.lepas makan tu,we played bowling together and having a window shopping for a half an hour. around 5.30.p.m, we decided to return home.bile dah sampai je kat kete,i saw one paper terselit kat wipper depan.then i take it and dat is a saman from police.Ya Allah..sumpah terkejut.

We read it so many time coz not really understand what kind of kesalahan we did.this is a first time for me and also for her having a saman from polis.dats why we look like blur.knowledge pun cetik dalam hal ni.on that time, i drove her car and terus pegi balai polis putrajaya.time tu takut sangat coz parents fana didn't know dat she is going to alamanda.if they know,mati lah fana kene marah.dats why we need to settle it malangnye, office dah tutup coz dah lebih office hour,lupe, i drove a car to UPM coz i stayed there about a few days before i go back to my home,nak teman kan my sister,mimi.she's working part time during weekend.her roommate dah balik on dat time coz of mid term break.kene la stay until sunday.

That is a few think that i want to share with u,now im just waiting to settle it early the fana,im really sorry dear about what had happen on yesterday.klu tak kuar smalam tentu tak jadi camni.but i beleive that it must has a hikmah in every single thing dat happen.

im learning from my mistake and never do the same thing again.

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